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NOLO, Law for All has, among other great content across their site, a good article covering the basics of guardianship and conservatorship for people who are unfamiliar with the concept and process of appointing a guardian and/or conservator (“fiduciary”) for an adult. This article contains information on how to avoid these complicated legal arrangements by proper advanced planning. It outlines the pros and cons of the court-appointed process of protecting a vulnerable or incapacitated adult. You can read that article here.

Another article covering the basic concepts of adult guardianship and conservatorship can be found here. Please note that these articles are not specific to Arizona law, so there may be some differences in each jurisdiction, but this is good information if the whole concept is brand new to you.

If you’re going through the adult guardianship process, or someone has told you that you need to do so, it can be incredibly overwhelming. You don’t have to go through this alone. Consulting and family guardian assistance are just some of the services available to help you through this trying time in your loved one’s life. Contact us to request an appointment to discuss how we can put your mind at ease.