The horrific scene described in this article would never have happened to one of my clients. Licensed fiduciaries are mandated by their Code of Conduct to visit wards “at a minimum every 90 days and as often as needed to ensure their well-being.” I take that to mean every day if necessary, and I don’t think every 90 days is often enough. It’s not, in fact, for a National Certified Guardian: We are to visit our wards monthly.

Non-professionals serving in the same capacity as me, however, have no requirement whatsoever under the law to visit their wards. Ever. That strikes me as somewhat of a problem.

Vulnerable people cannot speak for themselves. They cannot, in most cases, contact authorities and report that they are being neglected, abused, and left to rot in deplorable conditions.

They say it takes a village to raise a child. The same is true for our vulnerable, our infirm, our incapacitated. This monster who ran these homes had employees. Every one of them that took compensation for their services is as guilty as she is. What happened to the Golden Rule?

Whoever walked in and out of that facility and did nothing, I just want to remind you: You very well may be incapacitated some day yourself. You reap what you sow, karma’s a … and all of that.