Professional assessments are conducted for a one-time specific need, or on a recurring basis. These professional evaluations are conducted using a systematic process to report on eight categories of an individual’s current living situation including an analysis of the current medical status, home safety, financial analysis, and much more. These assessments are invaluable to distant family members who are responsible for a loved one’s care as well as to the courts when interested parties need an independent evaluation of a  protected person’s needs, abilities, and desires.

Assessment services include an in-person visit and interviews with the protected person, caregivers, and other interested parties; an objective evaluation of the home or care setting; and analysis of current services.  A professional, written report is then generated using standardized criteria and careful analysis of the information and data collected during the visits. Reports include recommendations on unmet needs and services that can fill the gaps.

These services are generally billed at an hourly rate.  For individuals with limited resources, it is possible to scale the scope and depth of the assessment and report. This can be accomplished in tandem with Medicaid (ALTCS) spend-down planning.