Distant family members who are trying to assess mom or dad’s care needs while they get protective arrangements in place often need help. Can’t take time off of work to investigate for yourself right away? Just got a call from a social worker saying “you’re up”? Don’t know what comes next? Important medical appointments coming up that you just can’t get time away to attend? Don’t even know where to start? No problem. We’ve got  you covered.

If you just got a call that someone you love needs someone to step in and handle their affairs, a range of options are available, including a comprehensive assessment to determine what your loved one’s needs are so that the decision-maker can implement appropriately. These assessments utilize screening tools to gain insight into an individual’s cognitive status and, if impairments are indicated, recommend referral for professional medical evaluation. Interviews with local parties are conducted in the individual’s home or care setting.

Your local team will help you formulate a clear set of options for protecting the family member in need of assistance. If you need ongoing help, you will have eyes, ears, and feet on the ground bringing you the best set of options with compassionate, expert input and quality referrals along the journey.