The sad saga of the end of life of beloved American icon Casey Kasem just grows more bizarre at every turn. Even in death, it seems this man will never to be allowed to rest in peace.

First there was the well publicized dispute between wife Jean Kasem and his biological children over his care. In May, there were reports that his daughter Kerri – who had been granted guardianship (called “conservator of the person” in California) claimed he had been kidnapped by his wife from a nursing home. There were allegations that the wife was trying to remove him from the jurisdiction of the Courts. A California probate judge ordered an immediate investigation into Mr. Top 40’s location and medical well being, citing “great concern”. The wife and alleged kidnapper was then ordered to appear in court to explain herself.

Days later, daughter Kerri had Casey taken by ambulance to a hospital, which culminated in a bizarre raw-meat-tossing, Bible-quoting outburst by wife Jean.

The venerated radio legend passed away not too long after this very public elder care dispute played out but, sadly, this would not be the end of the macabre twists in this very public family feud.

Reports in July revealed that Casey’s body was missing after Kerri requested an autopsy and the judge in the case ordered that no cremation was allowed amidst allegations of elder abuse. Although the judge’s order was that Casey Kasem’s body was not to be removed from the funeral home pending further orders, it was alleged that Jean Kasem stole the body.

Now the latest reports (8/14/14) are that wife Jean has made arrangements for Casey to be buried in Norway.

“There is no connection my dad has with Norway,” says Kerri Kasem’s brother, Mike Kasem, who bitterly criticizes his stepmother. “I don’t know if Jean has any ties to Oslo. She certainly has never mentioned it in the last 35 years. Check the exhumation laws there; sounds like a possibility that is the reason she will bury him there. My dad deserves to be buried where he specifically asked to be buried: Forest Lawn. Everyone keeps asking for motives as to why Jean acts how she acts. I don’t have an answer.”

Whatever the answers, we hope that Casey has moved onto a more peaceful place. Wherever that is, his surviving family is certainly light years away.